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FIFA 17's opening month sales up 13% over FIFA 16

FIFA 17's opening month sales were 13% greater than final year's FIFA 16, EA has revealed.

Based on the publisher, the game's new story mode 'The Journey' "helped bring 20% additional players into FIFA 17 within the 1st week more than last year's game", with almost two-thirds of players mentioned to have offered it a go.

Ultimate Group revenue has also improved by 23% year-on-year, while the game's total unit sales have however to become announced.

FIFA 17 shot for the leading of the UK charts following its release in September, and sustained powerful sales in subsequent weeks, as well, preventing Mafia 3 from taking the prime spot on its release. Tom believed it was quite good, also, agreeing that the new story mode produced FIFA 17 by far the most attractive FIFA "in years" and praising it for delivering "an fantastic game around the pitch".